What are the advantages of pursuing a career at BJMC?

If you are thinking of becoming a journalist or any ass communication professional, you would have a hard time making people understand the scope of BJMC, we can empathize with you. In this blog we will help you and the people in your life to know how enrolling in the best BJMC college in Allahabad and choosing a BJMC degree can be lucrative and rewarding in today’s day and age.

Here are 4 reasons why choose BJMC for a career path:

Candidates with a BJMC degree have numerous job opportunities in both the public and private sectors in India. Advertising agencies, broadcast companies, public relations firms, news agencies, photographic organizations, TV channels, newspapers, radio telecast companies, journals, and other organizations employ BJMC graduates. To broaden their horizons and improve their job prospects, candidates should pursue a master’s degree in journalism or mass communication. A complete list of the most popular job opportunities for people with a BJMC is provided below.

They could also work for a newspaper, radio station, or TV show. They gather information for broadcast purposes, such as political news, sports news, and entertainment news.

Radio Jockey: Their job is to serve as a liaison between the employer and the general population. They cultivate long-term relationships with their customers. They also provide quick news and updates.

Photojournalism: Photojournalists are responsible for creating blogs and articles for any magazine or brochure based on the photographs they have taken. They either work for themselves or for large corporations. Many students also prefer a Ph.D. in journalism. If you are also one of them then you enroll in the best university for Ph.D. in India.

News Analysis: Analysis of the news the role includes producing and publishing news on a variety of media platforms, including digital media platforms, print media, and others. They gather information from news feeds, create films, conduct interviews, and so on. They are in charge of interpreting the news.

Content Writer: The job of a content writer is to create print and digital content for companies that provide information or highlight their products or services. In order to create content that accurately matches company ideals, content writers frequently research the material they need to produce each article or product description. They work closely with a content manager and clients to write in accordance with the editorial style of the organization.

Why should you do BJMC?

    Express your thoughts freely

The media field allows you to express thoughts among the masses. If you want to learn about social, economic, and political issues and how to communicate them to the general public, the BJMC is the course for you. There are several BA colleges in Allahabad from where you can earn your graduate degree in journalism.

    A wide number of opportunities your way

After completing the BJMC course, you will be presented with a plethora of opportunities. The media field is a vast field and offers you a variety of roles like journalist, photojournalist, food journalist, and much more.

    Interesting and challenging profession

You may be required to travel to various places, interview people, research facts, develop public relations, and report and edit the content as per requirement. There is no time for boredom on the job, and there is a lot to be done.

    Creativity at the best

You have the freedom to write down your thoughts and to freely communicate them. Many people have a creative mind, and most of them seek creative fulfillment first. If you believe you are one of these people, mass communication is the course for you.



When you start studying BAJMS, you will discover that it is not a boring subject. In fact, this is brimming with adventure. Nothing is mundane in this industry. Every day, something new happens. You will also have numerous opportunities for travel. This course also improves your personality. The study of mass communication teaches you how to present yourself to the general public. You will almost certainly find a newer version of yourself at the end of the course. When your personality improves, so does your confidence. This course is not limited to books. It also provides you with a lot of practical experience.

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