Ultimate Guide To Facebook Video Downloader

Hello everyone! This is about downloading videos from Facebook to your smartphone or PC without difficulty. Since Fb only lets us save pictures and copy texts, this became a difficulty for those who are interested in many video-based posts. Nowadays there are so many video clips that are interesting and related to various categories. And even some pages upload TV series and movies as well for their followers to connect online. Honestly, staying connected for a long is difficult and even wastes both battery and data. For such reasons, having a tool like Facebook Video Downloader is a relief. It does not matter whether the video that you planned to download is lengthy or short. Fdownloader can help you to bring it to your gallery and watch them offline. So, in this post, you can collect all the details of the tool and even how to use it.

What is Facebook Video Downloader?

As we started, this is about a tool that we can use to save Facebook videos to our devices. But it is not just another video downloader. There are a couple of highlights that even made it the best Facebook Video Downloader.

Fdownloader is an online tool that you can open on your smart handset or else on your desktop. So, we call it Fb Video Downloader for Online. Whenever you see whatever clip that you are impatient to save, you can simply copy its URL and paste it to the Facebook Video Downloader. The file will save to the device for absolutely free and even safe.

However, this tool can use only when you need to save videos from Facebook. It won’t support any other platform. It can download uncountable video clips per day. And there is no doubt that being an online URL submission is more interesting than installing an app. Since storage space running out is becoming trouble, it is better to open a web page and accomplish the task and close it. That’s all.

Features of Fb video downloader

  • The tool is totally free

  • It is based on the Fdownloader web page as an online tool. At this moment, it does not have an app to download

  • Facebook Video Downloader can open using a leading web browser like Safari, Chrome, or whatever that is easy for you

  • It can use on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows running device

  • Users can Download Facebook Videos in any size

  • All the videos that will download will save as SD videos. If there is any other format, you can select it using the “Other Formats” option


Guide to FB Video Downloader

  • When you found a video on Facebook, just tap the share icon or the options list on the top right corner of the post and copy the URL accurately

Important: If you still do not have a certain video, you can search using the search bar or go to the videos section of Fb and search the topic. Sometimes the video you need may share on a FB group or page where you can easily search and visit. Once you found the correct video, follow the above step and copy the related link.

  • And then search the web using your web browser for Facebook Video Downloader for Free

  • Open the page and find the place where you have to paste the copied link. It is not difficult to find the download bar. Do not scroll down the page once you open it. The download section is on the top of the web page

  • After that, use the Download button below the download bar

  • The process will start and show you the preview of the video. There you can select the “Other Formats” or the “Download SD Video” option. the first option will turn you to a list of options that you can request the video. Then the other option will only let you download the clip as an SD video clip. It is up to you to decide the format of your file

That’s it. There is nothing to consider. The Facebook Video will find the place and save it. So you can easily check your folders and find them.


What’s more?

Hope you too agree that it is easy to use an online tool than install and maintain an application on your smartphone or PC. You do not have to worry about its latest version or update it. if you worry about if it is a safe place to visit, do not forget that it never enters your device’s personal data for being an online tool through apps often do. And it will not download unnecessary data to the device without your permission. All you will receive will be the video that you requested.



So this is the world’s best Facebook Video Downloader. Anyone who is using Fb and has a video to download can use the tool. It is free and can understand even if you are not an expert. In fact, the tool can use by simply copying and pasting related links to videos. This is truly an amazing tool for TV series and movie lovers. These days, we can see many FB pages and groups that shared movies and TV series episodes. If we do not have a tool like Facebook Video Downloader, the only way we can watch them is by just watching them online. Fdownloader is not a place where you can visit only when you become a member. It is an open web page that users can visit whenever they need to without becoming a member or signing up. The page is simple. There will be a download bar and a download button as the only section that you have to go through. Since it is an online tool, users do not have to waste their data to install an app and even update it and maintain it. The developer behind the Facebook Video Downloader will improve and fix issues of the tool often and make it easier.



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