The Seven Chakras And What Do They Mean?

What are Chakras?

Many people today have heard about chakras, but few know what they are or how to activate them.

This article will explain what each chakra is, help you find which one is blocked, and give you several exercises to unlock it.

There are only seven chakras, so this should be easy.

Blocks releasing any energy in your body can prevent you from enjoying both your daily activities and your dreams at night.

Unblocking your chakras can also improve your health, by restoring normal balance and harmony of your entire body.

Harmony in your heart corresponds to balance in your central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, hormones) and then whole-body health.

Unlocking your chakras doesn’t just benefit your physical being; it can also change the way you think and feel.

Become aware of what separates you from others, and learn why you deserve that separation.

You don’t need to worry about relationships, money, or status – these are things that we’ve all been trained to want and believe, but not need. And if you’re willing to work hard enough, you shall gain control over those aspects of your life.

To remind yourself to work on your chakras, treat yourself to The aligned chakra mug.

Become conscious of who you really are instead of who you pretend to be.


The first chakra

Your first chakra, also known as your sacral chakra, is located in your belly. This energy center is related to your sense of security and self-esteem. When this area is unbalanced, you can have issues with confidence, self-control, or fearfulness.

Your first chakra is made up of three layers – the inner layer, the outer layer, and the middle layer.

The inner layer focuses on your sense of security. Is there enough space in your life for you? Are you satisfied with what you have? If not, then it may be time to make room for things that matter to you.

The outer layer deals with your sense of acceptance. You feel secure when people accept you and want to meet your needs.

The middle layer concerns your need for safety. You are safe when you’re protected from harm. But if you don’t feel confident about protecting yourself, you may try to protect others or keep them at a distance.


The second chakra

The second chakra is located in your sacrum, between the two buttocks. It’s also known as your coccyx (or tail bone).

Your sacral area is an important part of your body that helps you feel full, satisfied with your life, and connected to someone or something you love. This area allows for emotional stability and calmness.

If this area of your back is open and relaxed, you can experience less pain there. If it’s closed up, you may have more pain. A healthy sacral center is capable of balancing emotions like grief, anger, fear, worry, and joy.

When this area is unbalanced, however, you may experience stress, anxiety, sadness, or illness. You may even have difficulty giving and receiving love because of unresolved feelings.


The third chakra

This is also called the sacral chakra or coccygeal chakra depending on which part of the body it is located in. It’s important to keep your abdominal muscles contracted during childbirth, as pushing against them can help motivate the baby through the birth canal.

This chakra is associated with sexual reproduction and energy flow. Problems here may lead to issues related to sex, including difficulty coping with pregnancy, problems with orgasm, and general pain relating to sexuality. A lot of people feel that talking about sex is uncomfortable, but understanding this chakra helps you understand your own experience of sex and your mind and body.

It is also connected to overall comfort with your body and confidence in yourself. When our sense of self-worth is linked to our appearance, we put pressure on ourselves to look perfect.

Our culture makes this notion very clear with its constant exposure to media promoting idealized images of beauty and slimness. We are constantly exposed to tools like smartphones and computers that only make this issue more pervasive.

Many people struggle with weight gain and maintenance of their weight due to pressures in society to conform to an impossible standard. This area of the body tends to be the source of many difficulties for those who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Eating disorders such as bulimia occur when there is a lack of control over thoughts and feelings.

Dealing with issues behind the beltline doesn’t just have physiological effects; it can affect


The fourth chakra

The fourth chakra, also known as the sacral chakra is located in the area of the lower abdomen between the genitals and the perineum. This chakra corresponds to the color yellow.

When you think about it, the word ‘sacred’ actually has a lot of meaning and relates to what is sacred or religious. When translated into English, the closest word that translates is ‘chastity’. A person who possesses this trait is considered innocent, untainted by evil.

This is how we all are at our core – pure and good. But after living life for many years, things can get messed up. We make mistakes, and put bad actions behind us but there are things that always stay with us that can affect our spirit.

Many religions have some kind of ritual where they redeem their souls. I recommend doing that if you feel like your soul needs cleansing.


The fifth chakra

The fifth chakra is also known as your heart center. It’s located between your eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead. Your fifth chakra helps you be aware and conscious.

This chakra is related to empathy and how you perceive other people and their situations. When this channel is open, it’s easy for you to see others’ points of view and appreciate their journey.

When your fifth chakra is closed, it’s difficult for you to see or understand someone else’s perspective. You may experience rage, anxiety, or despair when you cannot grasp another person’s feelings and thoughts.

Opening up your fifth chakra can help you more readily identify emotions in others and yourself, which can contribute to personal insight and understanding.


Practicing openness and acceptance with others comes easier to you if you have an open heart. Letting down your defenses so that you are not hurtling towards doom!

The sixth chakra

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “wheel”. There are seven main chakras, and each is associated with different qualities or aspects of your consciousness. When all the chakras are aligned and functioning together, you experience wholeness.

You can think of it as putting wheels on the sides of a bicycle for transport. With no wheel, your body will get left behind. Without wheels, you cannot move at all.

It takes energy to maintain these wheels. If there isn’t enough gas, then the engine stalls and runs slowly. But if there is too much fuel, then the result is toxic fumes and pollution.

The same goes for your chakras. If one or more of them is not working properly, then you may have trouble finding peace or joy in your life. You may be feeling scattered, disconnected, or absent.

This is called “6th chakra chaos” and it can make you feel ungrounded and weary. Because your 6th chakra is connected to your emotions, your 5th chakra (head) is also affected when you don’t align yourself within your own internal terrain.


The seventh chakra

Located in your body, between your navel and genitals, this is where you can find your third eye or sixth sense. Also known as the heart center, it’s an important part of your overall health and well-being.

Your inner child, your passion for life, your creativity, and your boldness all relate to this area. Opening up your third ear means embracing the now and feeling free and relaxed.

When this channel is closed, you are more likely to let past wounds, hurts, or disappointments rule your day. You may also have trouble connecting with others or resisting temptation when it comes to spending or giving money, respectively.


What is a chakra?

Chakra (from Sanskrit word “chakra” means “wheel”) is a term derived from yoga that describes the connection between mind and body. There are seven main chakras, and each one is located in various parts of the body. When all of these are functioning together – both physical and mental – we experience well-being and happiness.

When any of them is dysfunctional, it causes pain or stress within your body and discomfort or illness within your mind.

Chakras are energy centers in your body. When they are balanced, you feel good and when they are imbalanced, you don’t feel good.

The chakras are divided into three levels: lower, middle, and upper. Each level relates to certain organs and functions.


For example, the bottom chakra is called the coccygeal chord. It is located at the back end of the pelvic floor and extends down to the perineum.

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