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The 6mm Pipe Clip – A Convenient One-Piece Fixing System for Micro Tube

The 6mm pipe clip is a convenient one-piece fixing system for Micro Tube. Available in a variety of sizes, this product provides flush fixing to the pipe’s surface. There are several advantages to using this device. First, it offers fast and easy installation. Second, it prevents galvanic corrosion. Third, the pipe channel cushion clamps are easy to install and enable easy addition of tubes without disassembling the installation. And finally, a nylon insert nut ensures a positive lock and is resistant to most chemicals and industrial cleaners. In addition to that, they can withstand wide temperature ranges.

6mm pipe clip is available in a range of sizes

A 6mm pipe clip is a versatile plumbing fastener that is used to hold pipes or other plumbing products in either a vertical or horizontal position. The product is available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and pack sizes, making it a convenient and easy way to fix components. The following are the most common uses of pipe clips. If you have a specific application in mind, you can browse our selection of pipe clips online.

It provides a flush fixing directly on the surface on pipe


A nail clip is a simple and reliable solution to provide a flush fixing on the surface of pipes. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be used on light masonry or timber. The strong and flexible body of the nail clip makes it ideal for flush fixing on pipes that do not have insulation or ventilation. You can also use these clips on a range of pipes in the plumbing industry, including drainpipes.

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