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How to Convert SeaMonkey MBOX file to Outlook?


SeaMonkey is an extremely powerful email client that is based using Thunderbird’s source code. It is available to Mac, Windows and Linux users of operating systems based on. It was developed in partnership with Mozilla and is managed by the SeaMonkey Council. The email client comes with an email manager, along with web browsing, chat HTML editing, and a feed reader. SeaMonkey lets you manage multiple accounts and includes options like messages filters as well as junk mail detection etc.

As with all Mozilla email clients run on Mozilla are, it can use the MBOX format to save documents. If you’re a Windows user, then the default location of your profile folder, which holds personal information is:

“C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataMozillaSeaMonkeyProfilesxxxx.defaultMail”

Users can also find the default location for data files in the SeaMonkey database file via the interface of an email client by going to the Accounts section for the account that was added, then selecting the View Settings for this account and then clicking Server Settings> navigating onto the Local Directory section, and copying the location for the file before inserting it into the file explorer in order to get to it.

If you’re searching for ways that you can access your SeaMonkey messages through your Outlook account or to switch to an Outlook account due to it’s more flexible, secure and reliable features, along with better management of accounts It is suggested to use an expert third-party program as the conversion of files has to be done first to narrow on the differences in file format that is supported by both email applications because Microsoft Outlook has support for PST file format, and SeaMonkey is able to support MBOX file format .

The tool will assist you to complete MBOX conversion of multiple files with a minimum of clicks. In addition to conversion from MBOX to PST, this tool lets you save the converted file in different formats such as RTF PDF, RTF, HTML and more.

Automation of Conversion SeaMonkey MBOX Files to Outlook PST

Check out how to proceed with process of converting files.

  1. Download the MBOX converter tool and launch it. A list of compatible email clients will show. Simply click on SeaMonkey.
  2. The address that is the MBOX file. If you aren’t sure then click the “Find File option” to locate it on the drive on your system.
  3. Previews of selected files will be displayed. should you decide to save them, select “Save.
  4. Two options will pop up, either to create a new PST file or to add it to an present PST document.
  5. To include the information to an already in place PST profile, then you will need to select the current Outlook profile, or PST file.
  6. Finalize the process by pressing “OK” after MBOX conversion of the file has been accomplished successfully.

Thus, you’ve looked over the entire MBOX to Outlook conversion process is accomplished in a few steps. And now SeaMonkey email client information can be easily accessed through Microsoft Outlook. You can download the program quickly by visiting the MBOX Conversion tool’s official site.

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