Best food to attempt in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country of amazing food. Its food has been framed by its moving history and its uncommon topography. Bangladeshi cooking is impacted by Mughlai food and different Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Indian dishes are conspicuous here. So you can imagine how much different flavors you that will find in some inconsistent menu. Visit whatisss to get more updates.

Penta elisho

Punta Ilish is a standard food eaten by generally every Bangladeshi during the Pohela Boishakh Festival (the central day of the Bengali year). It is the most esteemed food in Bangladesh. We love this dish since it is an amazing picture and party of our lifestyle and custom.

It is the additional rice ingested water and gave polished off hilsa, pickles and lentils. People eat Punta Ilish on the morning of Pohela Boishakh and a short period of time later look at agreeable endeavors. Incredible, firm and astonishing hilsa fish gave water-filled cold rice and blasting bharta presents a blend of successful and stew flavors. You’ll love it after your most critical piece. Another fish, American shad, proposes a flavor like hilsa, so you can buy that and participate in some Bengali yourself. You ought to in this way analyze what is food aversion.

Crude biryani

Crude Biryani is maybe the most valued food things of Bangladeshi person. It is tremendously esteemed, it is everything viewed as served on festivals and dumbfounding occasions like weddings, picnics, etc. I like this dish a stunning strategy.

The most unmistakable biryani in Bangladesh is Dhaka Kachi Biryani. You will perpetually find the Dhaka Street biryani restrains amassed thinking about the spectacular interest for this food. The primary beautifications are rice and marinated meat cooked in heaps of flavors, which gives it a fantastic taste. Flavors are nutmeg, mace, faint pepper, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, coriander, mint, ginger, onion, tomato, green bean stew and garlic. It is occasionally given saturated eggs and salad.

Vuna Khichdi

Khichdi is a dish made of rice and lentils (lentils). Vuna khichdi (seared) is cooked with different improvements and flavors than conventional khichdi. It is given cooked meat and pickles. It is one of the most radiant and most respected food things in Bangladesh. Redesigned with turmeric and salt and wrapped up with ghee, khuchuri makes an optimal lunch or dinner.

In any case, you can make it even more brilliant and anything is possible beginning there “authority” by adding vegetables, dried verdant food varieties or chicken. This is a comfort nourishment for whirling days, and is remarkably noticeable at Family Get Together.

Morog polao

Polao is a rice dish that combines cooking a stock and adding flavors. Various collections of this magnificent, mouth-watering dinner are morog polao or chicken polao, which is polao given chicken.

Polao and Biryani are cooked with a comparative rice anyway they actually want point of view on the use of different flavors. At any rate, while you’re eating Morog Polao, you know you’re not eating anything strange. It has a representation of power, and is a critical piece of the time eaten at merriments and other special occasions.

Grill Chicken with Naan Roti

The dish is served in on a very basic level each bistro in Bangladesh, and more than 50,000 grilled chickens are sold constantly the country over. There are various ways of managing stewing chicken and an arrangement of flavors are used. Different bistros cook chickens in glass ovens set outside to enrapture people to eat them. This is an astoundingly persuading way regarding thinking.

Now it is generally eaten with naan roti. Naan Roti is a grill warmed raised flatbread – the best capacity with chicken. Roti is really sweet while chicken is energetic. This mix makes a brilliantly wild craving for your mouth.


Haleem is an Arabic dish. It is a striking stew made utilizing meat – by and large cheeseburger or sheep – lentils, grain and flavors. It is sold as a snack in street restrains and business centers (markets), and making haleem incorporates a long and befuddled process. It will generally be given mint, lemon juice, coriander leaves, cooked onions, ginger root and green chillies.

Haleem is an irksome dish, which gives protein from meat and fiber and starches from a mix of grains and pulses. Perhaps this is the assistance for why the dish is so renowned for breaking the fast during Ramadan.

Look for kebabs

Seekh Kebab is a Turkish dish that has become completely striking in Bangladesh. Burger is prepared with a blend of flavors that make a phenomenal flavor. It is an astounding canapé, sensitive and splendid and ready with ginger, garlic, green chilies, ground chilies and various flavors.

The preparation of seekh kebab genuinely draws out the kind of meat. Certain people eat it with roti and a like to eat it with basically no assistance.


Puchka is reasonable the most revered bite and street food across Bangladesh. It started in India yet ended up being striking in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Puchka is a round or ball framed cooked, new flatbread gave pureed potatoes, lentils, chaat masala, onions and coriander.


At the point when you smell a puchka, you comprehend you will experience an amazing taste. You get the best mix of cool, singing, tart, sweet and crunch. Amazing to the first points of reference as every now and again as possible visit roadside puchka restrains to contribute energy with colleagues.

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