6 Major Business App Development Trends You Should Not Miss in 2022

There are countless opportunities in mobile application development where one can generate ideas. With all innovations, you can allow creativity to overtake you. However, it has also turned into a sector with disruptive technologies. In this industry, consumer demands keep shifting. Due to these shifting demands, we keep seeing new trends daily. And since we live in an uncertain world, we should be able to keep up with these trends. Following are a few Business App Development Trends that are the most popular these days.

6 Major Business App Development Trends

1    1- 5G the New Normal

The latest internet buzzword is 5G. Mobile providers are rolling out a 5G phone as a marketing strategy to boost sales. Sales have increased, indicating that consumers are interested in 5G technology. As a result, developers of mobile apps should consider including 5G in their products. 5G is promising because it offers a staggeringly fast download speed and other features.

The trend that everyone will be focusing on is 5G because it will make it possible to include new functionalities in mobile applications. You can use 5G to promote and develop better mobile apps in sectors like gaming and those that need high-speed internet.

Positive effects will be seen in the IoT sector, live streaming, AR/VR technologies, and many other areas.

2    2- Mobile Wallet

Ecommerce has adapted to the modern digital world. It is all thanks to technology that provides convenience, security, and fraud prevention. The time when COD was common and people carried cash in their pockets is long gone. Nowadays, everyone prefers to make purchases using mobile wallets. Some common mobile wallet examples are Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.

As a result, there is an increase in demand for firms that develop mobile wallets and e-wallet apps. Consequently, a digital wallet feature is required if you own a website or application.

3     3- wearables

In 2017, there were approximately 450 million wearable devices, and by the end of 2022. it is predicted that there will be 950 billion. The wearables sector underwent a lot of change. For instance, Apple recently unveiled new features in its Wearable Apple Watch OS 8 update.

This is how the creation of wearable apps has developed into one of the most important Business App Development Trends of the present. Therefore, companies should prepare wearable apps that improve user experience.

4    4- Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT, also known as the Internet of Things, is a growing trend in the modern mobile app development market. Nowadays, everyone’s life is deeply entwined with the internet. Our lives are surrounded by connected devices, from smartphones to voice-activated gadgets. One of the most prominent applications of Internet of Things technology is automated home appliances.

5     5- Mobile Commerce

According to research, about 73 percent of transactions occur on mobile devices, which is why the trend of developing mobile apps for mobile commerce is also growing. Creating a react native app or PWA will help people provide a better shopping experience as more consumers prefer to shop online. Mobile marketing enables users to shop through mobile applications.

Nowadays, every company aims to use mobile applications. It is because they want to attract more customers and boost sales. Therefore, entering the mobile commerce space is essential to outperform your rivals.

          6- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mobile app development has advanced significantly due to AI & ML’s profound transformation of the IT sector. Mobile app development companies heavily incorporate this trend to offer security. Moreover, they also ensure improved performance and improve the user experience. All of this has significantly enhanced the security of mobile apps. This is one of the main causes of AI & ML’s dominance in the modern world.

Apple is a major player in the machine learning industry. Mobile app developers can now create immersive experiences thanks to its intelligent models. Therefore, you should consider including AI and ML in developing your mobile apps. It will help your company soar to new heights.


It is important for a mobile app development company to be aware of the above-mentioned Business App Development Trends. By keeping up with the trends, they will be able to stay relevant in the market.

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