5 Ways Massages Can Help Your Workouts

Workouts are important for our physical as well as mental health. They help keep us in shape so that we can flaunt that summer body. But, as much as a workout is beneficial, it is also very tiring. Sometimes, the body aches make us dread the next session.

This can be avoided with the help of a massage. The nice relaxing massage oil not only soaks all of our tension and stress but it also provides comfort to our tired aching body.

A good massage after a workout is like getting candy after studying. The candy makes us look forward to the tiresome boring study. For the people of London, Tantric massage London is providing the best after workout massages.

It is very important that you get a massage after a workout, because not only is it very relaxing but it is also very beneficial. Let us discuss 5 Ways Massages Can Help Your Workouts.

1.  Quick and efficient recovery:

The recovery period after a workout is often quite intense, depending upon the intensity of a workout. You can not do an exercise properly if you are already tired from the last day’s work out. A massage can help you with that. A good massage can release all the soreness and tightness from your muscles. And make you ready for your next workout session.

For people, who are focusing on weight training, a massage can be extremely beneficial. Weight training leaves a lot of stress on the muscles and our muscles can grow better if that soreness is released properly. Your muscle fiber cells will have a better turn out rate and they will grow faster after a workout.  

2. Improved Mental health

A good massage is not only significant for your body physically, but it also refreshes your mind. When you are on a massage table under the hands of an expert, the rest of the world disappears along with its unnecessary stresses.

A good massage releases certain endorphins that help in relaxation and mental pleasure. Not only that but according to some researchers, the cortisol levels in the body reduces down by many folds after a good massage. Cortisol is basically the culprit that results in excessive stress. Massage can tone down cortisol levels, so you can be ready for your next workout session.

3. Effective healing after injuries:

When we get injured (in case of minor injuries), our body increases the blood flow to the affected area. So, that nutrients and necessary material required for healing can reach the torn-up tissues. A massage helps in increasing the blood flow and hence the injury gets healed quickly and efficiently.

The extra blood in the area also minimizes the unnecessary inflammation and reduces the pain associated with the injury. Moreover, when we get an injury, we subconsciously avoid using that body part. This is actually not good. The more we keep our body active, the healthier it stays. A massage after a workout injury keeps the blood flowing.

4. Relaxation of painful and stiff muscles

When we workout, our muscles undergo aerobic as well as anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration means the muscles do not get enough oxygen during a workout and produce energy without using oxygen. This results in a product of lactic acid that causes the muscles to stiff up and sore.

A massage can help in the reduction of this excessive lactic acid by increasing blood circulation. More nutrients reach the muscles and metabolic wastes like lactic acid are taken away by blood.

The pain-relieving power of a massage is not only limited to the post-workout pains but good massage therapy also helps in the reduction of chronic pains.

5. Flexibility

As we just discussed, a massage stretches your muscles and also enhances their blood flow. This results in relaxed, loosened, and stretchable muscles. Now, if you go for a massage regularly after workouts, your muscles will be flexed and stretched and your workouts sessions will be easier and pleasant. The bending of knees would not be as painful as it used to be and it will result in an overall productive workout. Not only that, but your posture would also be better and improved.

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